Monday, August 1, 2011

Woof! Don't Let a Bad Mood Dog Ya!

Woof, baby!

Don't let a bad mood dog ya, not like I did yesterday. Ugh. Did you ever see a puppy dog who lost his Frisbee and had his best chew toy stolen by a smaller dog? Well, I don't know exactly what the Frisbee and the chew toy are, metaphorically speaking, but I am pretty sure my facial expression was similar to a puppy dog's on a day like that. There wasn't much reason for me to be grumpy. In fact, if I start rehashing the gripes, they'll probably grow and take over today, too. So, let's not do that.

Let's move on to a fresh start. Hey, it is a new morning, after all. One good thing that can be said about mornings is that you can almost always convince your mind it has a fresh start. Fresh, new, and filled with opportunity, fresh starts are good:

  • writing your name on the first page of a new notebook

  • lacing the strings on a new pair of shoes

  • pulling open the spout on a new carton of orange juice

  • breaking the vacuum seal and smelling the scent of a new bag of dark roasted coffee beans

  • sticking the key in the ignition of a new car for the first time

  • mowing the grass for the first time in the spring

  • making the first mark on a squeaky clean whiteboard

Well, the list will keep growing as the day progresses, because I'm going to will myself to think in terms of "new" and "fresh." This reminds me, why do little boys like to wear the same pair of socks until they are crunchy? Don't they recognize the good feeling of pulling sweet smelling clean socks onto your feet?

See, look at that. "Fresh" doesn't even have to be brand-spanking "new" to be good. Renewal is often even better than the first-"new"-al. The first time you do something, you can't compare it with anything else. Remember your very first day of school? It was exciting, wasn't it? I remember waiting for the bus on the wrong day, by the way. After about an hour of my mother telling me to quit waving and making weird chopping gestures at passing cars, we figured out it was the teachers' first day! Anyway, the point is that I was so excited and ready for school, but I had no idea how that feeling would compare to other back-to-school days. Each year, there would be friends and fun and challenges awaiting... and I could compare those exciting new things to last year. By the end of any school year, you're ready to move on to the next year, even if it's a little scary. The sense of renewal floods your mind, doesn't it?

  • This year, I will make hundreds on all my spelling tests!

  • This year, I will lay my clothes out the night before and not rush so much in the morning!

  • This year, I know I can finish my projects early!

Hee hee, it's catching, isn't it? The joyous sense of renewal is hard to ignore, once you start thinking about it. You can limit yourself to New Year's Day, and the start of school if you have kids or work in a school system... or you can choose to have that feeling 365 days of the year.

Hmmm. One or 2 versus 365? I think I'm opting for 365! Happy Fresh Start, Everyone!


heather said...

clean sheets do it for me

angelinabeadalina said...

Yep, clean sheets are great. Started writing about them. Then realized I wasn't doing much to psych myself up to get the day started... but I was getting sleepy, lol

rosebud101 said...

I love new shoes!