Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Low! Go Sumo!

Don't ya love the battered and worn sumo wrestler for still being ready to take on the world? There were so many cool things to capture in photographs during our Sunday visit to the St. Louis City Museum (<--- one of the coolest places on earth, by the way). The sumo statue just begged for some attention of his own, though. I patted his topknot of hair as I walked by him. James and Kate were happy to pose with him, too.

How much do I know about sumo wrestlers? Not much. Do I still think I have to admire this one? Of course! Look at him. He's ready to take on his opponent, nothing between them other than a strip of strategically draped cloth and some steaming breath pouring from their nostrils. Raw intensity, that's what it is.

When you're ready to take on a challenge, get low, and go sumo! Bring the intensity. Bring all the weight you can carry. Keep it all low, and dare the challenge to knock you over... because low and heavy is not easily overturned.


rosebud101 said...

Nick posed by the same sumo when he was there! That is so cool!

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, wow, Mallory! Did he venture up to the rooftop when he was there? I'm scared of heights, but that was my favorite place! The little pool with fountains and sculptures was such a happy spot for me, and the ten story slide was incredibly fun!

Maggie said...

There's something curious about sumo wrestlers, they definitely conjure thoughts of strength. Your kids are doing great impressions.