Monday, October 17, 2011

I Feel Winter Walking Slowly to Our Door

In the quiet of a foggy Fall morning, I hear Winter's shuffling footsteps coming along the path to our door. Later in the afternoon, with the wind whipping out of the north and scattering clouds across the sky, I feel a tiny shiver and remember Winter's touch.

Yes, I know Autumn is still the biggest player in the room, but Winter is tiptoeing up to the corner and humming a soft and cozy song so we won't be completely startled when she does walk into the room.

I'm not sure why the exploding milkweed pod in the photo made me think of winter this morning, but it did. The sky was blanketed behind me, and the sun in front of me was shining on patches of fog. The car windows were down, letting the day ride with me to work. The greens of summer were still out in plenty of places, and the oranges and golds of fall were splashed all around me... and yet, I felt Winter.

I felt the call of that silly fluff of milkweed, too. This morning, I didn't stop to photograph it, thinking I'd surely see another on the rest of the drive. Nope, not a one caught my eye. So, on the way home from work, I backtracked and stopped to take the picture. Isn't that milkweed pod beautiful in a very primevel sort of way? The pod's rough texture seems such an incredible contrast to the angel hair fluff of seeds and fibers within it. In fact, I'm wondering how durable those fibers might be, as well as whether or not they'll still be attached to the pod when I drive by it tomorrow morning. Wouldn't those fibers make gorgeous hair for a paper clay face of Winter? Of course, that's most likely simply another idea that will never come to fruition, but hey, thinking up the ideas is the fun part!

On that note, I do believe I should head outside for a few minutes to commune with Autumn and her sounds and smells. Lately, it seems homework duty and other such everyday stuff leaves little time for sitting on the front step and noticing Nature's transitions... gotta change that a wee bit and not lose touch with the sensations of the outdoors, ya know? Have yourself a terrific rest of the evening (or beginning of Tuesday)! Ang


rosebud101 said...

Great Photo, Ang, and I love, love, love your blog!

Maggie said...

Summer is still trying it's hardest to hang on here, but autumn is finally showing its colors. Winter is so far from mind, but I am sure it will arrive in its own good time.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

I love the milkweed pods. I used to bring them into the house and when they had opened up far enough I used hairspray to seal the parachutes in place. They were my Winters bouquet. : - )

angelinabeadalina said...

What a terrific idea for a winter bouquet, Sharon! We had a cold rain most of the night and part of today, so I didn't attempt to stop and save this pod. Maggie, I think I jinxed Fall by talking about Winter. I love each season, especially fall, and I think you're lucky to still be in transition from late summer into fall! Thank you, M... love you!