Monday, October 24, 2011

Imagine This...

It's one of those autumn nights when the air feels soft and wisps of clouds can be seen trailing the horizon. Bright stars lay strewn across the uppermost velvet reaches of the sky. The cats saunter towards you and settle on the ground at your feet.You take a deep breath, wrap your sweatshirt tighter around your body, and sink cross-legged into the grass. Someone walks quietly toward you and joins you. Whether or not you know this person in real life, you sense that your kindness and support are needed. You put your hand gently on the person's shoulder as you both take another deep breath and lean back to look at the sky. Contentment grows and dissolves some of the person's worries. You think you might try counting stars until you fall asleep, cradled by the soft grass, listening to the cricket chorus sing a slow lullaby.

You're almost asleep when you hear it.

It's the sound of raindrops on drying leaves, and you stretch out your open palm to catch a few. What lands in your hand is a tiny white feather. The person with you reaches out her hand and shimmering flakes of gold swirl and land on it. In the dim light, you can see falling purplish petals from the season's late blooming flowers. The feathery, sweet scented, magical downpour continues at a slow and steady pace. Somewhere from the heavens, you hear echoes of giggles and peals of laughter. You stretch your arms high into the air, catching more blessings, letting the ones that fall soak into the edges of your lives.

In the midst of the shower of good wishes and loving kindness, the other person rises, smiles, and turns to walk back to her path. You see her skipping happily as she reaches the edge of the yard, and you hear the mellow tinkling of bells in the distance.

Magical, magical... and somehow, you know the person's spirit has been lifted and she will feel your energy surrounding her as the earth keeps spinning toward a new day.


I do this for a friend, for someone who simply asked for positive vibes to be sent into their world. Maybe you will join me, and I will extend my thoughts in your directions... and together, we will gather the starlight and distill it into kindness.


Profusion said...

That is lovely. I wish I could write like you. Or at all.
Thank you

rosebud101 said...

I agree!

angelinabeadalina said...

Thank you two so much <3