Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sasquatch Call

Yep, that would be the self-proclaimed "Sasquatch Siblings" demonstrating their sasquatch call while on the trampoline. But, of course, I'm sure you all gathered all that information from the picture itself, right? Ha ha ha ha, it has been entertaining around here today!

After finishing their homework, the boy and girl decided to share the upstairs television while I was taking a nap, um, I mean, reading a book. I woke to strange shouts and serious discussion about what was happening on the show "Finding Bigfoot." Well, after listening long enough to discern that no one was getting scared, I strolled into the living room for a closer look. I promptly became hooked, just like them, even though my days of badly wanting to believe in Bigfoot are long gone.
Oh, you know I wanted to believe, way back when I was in fifth or sixth grade. James is in fifth grade, and Kate in fourth, so I guess their fascination is right on schedule. I also wanted to believe aliens and the Loch Ness monster were real. Wanted to believe, sure did. Really believed, not quite ever.
Still, despite the skeptic in me, I have to admit that I don't really know the truth about sasquatches, aliens, mysterious monsters, and other creatures who make the grade in Scooby Doo's world. Actually, maybe all the Scooby cartoons ending with the revelation that the bad guys were dressing up as the mythical monsters helped reinforce my budding skepticism when I was a kid. There's also the fact that if I'd really believed, then I would never have been able to sleep at night since I was already the biggest 'fraidy cat in the world!
So, which strange, mythical, outlandish creatures make the grade in your world? Which ones have you, or someone you know, seen? Which ones do you wish were real? Which ones are you convinced will be proven to be real? Which ones make you laugh and snort coffee out your nose when someone speaks seriously of them?
Me, I believe lots of people truly believe they've seen alien space craft, sasquatches, Loch Ness monsters, and such. I believe plenty of people truly believe in faeries and sprites and other friends of Tinkerbell. I believe I want to believe in some of them myself... and probably will continue to enjoy imagining their lives and their stories, even when half of my brain is insisting they cannot possibly exist in the real world. So, there. How's that for a definitive answer? I'd write some more, but everyone else is back upstairs watching the "Finding Bigfoot" marathon, and I'm afraid I'll miss something interesting if I don't join them for a while :)


Lana Gail Phelps said...

I was always intrigued by the Lock Ness Monster. I wanted to believe that Nessie was real, I was always afraid of Big Foot & kinda scared I'd see him in the woods when I was playing. Never saw him tho..whew! I love your blog Angie. It's always so nice to read about your kids, you and your imagination and your reality. :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks for leaving a message, Lana... you made my day when I saw it. I thought the Loch Ness Monster was fascinating, too! I wanted her to be real, I did.