Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Faery Walking

Faery Walking...it's what you do when you step out the front door, kneel or stoop to about cat eye level, and look for signs of faery business.  I've always been on the fence about faeries.  You don't have to tell them that, since I'm pretty sure they already know I'm about half skeptic but truly want to believe. They tend to let me slide with that, though, because I am a believer in the wonders of Mother Nature.  I guess you could say the faery folk probably roll their tiny eyes when I start poking around in their business, sigh with exasperation, and then giggle and start thinking of ways to prank me.  That's okay with me.  I'll play the part of big dumb giant stumbling through their world with only a sliver of a clue...because their world is where you can find some of the most amazing details of nature. 
Take a peek at the blooms on the hostas by my front door, for instance.  At human eye level, they're simply pretty purple blooms dangling from ungainly stalks.  Lean over a bit, and you'll spy more details than you imagined!  Isn't that a lovely mandala of petal and leaf Mother Nature created in the unfolding blooms?  Isn't that gorgeous, the way the color concentrates in the small petals that haven't joined together to form those paler bell-like blooms? It's as if the creator decided to experiment with applying intense color and letting it stretch and grow into what it would.  Isn't that reassuring, the way those tiny beginning petals are each nestled inside a sepal? I imagine I've seen plenty of hosta blooms in my life, but I never noticed that amazing little detail until now.  Little moments of wonder-- they have to be scattered throughout our lives, or they'd overwhelm us and turn us into stupefied statues, don't you think? 
Oh, did you also notice the faery dancing shape of the stalk of blooms itself?  The unopened head bloom balances lithely atop the stalk, with opened blooms cascading to each side like outstretched arms in handkerchief hem sleeves.  Lovely little faery flowers dancing atop of sea of broad green hosta leaves, that's what they are. 
So, thank you, Faeries.  Thank you for prying my eyelids open a smidge more than they were.  Thank you for not spitting in the eye of this skeptic while it was so close, too :) 
Now, I'm off to make polymer clay dresses for the faeries to be that you see in the other photo.  One of them wants to be a butterfly, and the other longs to grow dragonfly wings.  Their humble servant I shall be.  May your own day be filled with a fine mix of wondrous moments and giggles and creativity!

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