Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pimping Paintings

 Universal Spark

She dipped her hand into the primordial darkness, let the velvety blackness slip through her fingers, and caught the sun and moon.
She held them high, gazed upon their beauty, then She released them into the sky... A universal spark to bring light to the dark.

She's on a 16"x12" gallery wrapped canvas, and the white parts have glow-in-the-dark glitter. Bits of a black/purple/blue glitter mix accent her in a bare, "look, something's forming out of the darkness" way, and a light dusting of yellow and pink glitters accent the sun's flames. She's very subtle in a way...and yet, she stands out in a way. $50 + shipping

Whew, boy, this poor blog has been neglected during the school year, and here I come back, just pimpin' some painting!  Yeah, I love the school year, and I love my job as a teacher aide in a pre-school classroom. When you add in James' and Kate's homework time (which seems to be a trial for one or the other of them at least every other day, ya know), school activities (which really aren't that many yet, but still), and the normal household routine, my blogging time gets cut from the schedule.  Not that it actually should take much time to write a short entry, simply that it takes me too much time because I like to write and want the blog to be entertaining...and that does take a little time on most days!
So, like I said, here I am, and here's a painting I'm pimping. Heck, gotta recoup some of that $$ I spent at Michael's before I go to Michael's again. Can't let those 40%-off-one-item coupons go to waste, ya know ;-)
The great news is that my spectacular studio is on its way to being finished inside! Okay, so it's not the most spectacular studio ever, but it is pretty damn fancy for me.  Hubby didn't want to give up any floor space in the big sheds, so he finally bought me a wonderful 14'x28' shed of my own. Four feet of that belong to the porch, and another 8 feet inside have been partitioned off to make the kids and cats a hangout. The rest is mine, mine, mine.  Call me selfish, call me spoiled, call me content to enjoy every last inch of it!  Funny thing about finally knowing where my glass torching space would be is that my muse decided it would be okay to explore something besides glass and like it! I am loving painting, baby! It's an exploration of space. It's a discovery of shapes and forms and graceful lines. It's a great way to distract me so I can happily wait for the shed work to be done on the hubby's time schedule.
Hooray! Life is good! And I promise not to pimp sh** every single day on the blog, so stay tuned :)


rosebud101 said...

Welcome back! We've missed you! Love the paintings!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Mallory, you always make my day :) It always feels good to traipse through all the fun blogs like yours and see what everyone is doing...I missed it!