Thursday, June 21, 2012

Purples and Pinks, Pinks and Purples

Is this weird, or is it just me being my usual strange self? If your name is William (my little brother) or Susan (my little sister), then you should not feel obliged to answer that question.  They already know the answer :)

So, what possessed me to make paint samples and photograph them with Pepsi and a Dr. Pepper cans, you ask? It's that are-we-talking-about-the-same-color perception problem.  What's that, you ask?  It's what happens when someone requests a painting from me and I want to make sure they are going to like the colors I use.  Oh, I figure if they request a painting, then they probably like my ideas.  What worries me is that I'll make a grape-y purple painting that totally clashes with their more indigo-ish purple wall. Same thing happens with other colors, of course. What if my turquoise is decidedly more blue toned than the more green toned turquoise vase that my painting will hang behind?  Silly, isn't it?  Yes, and no... not silly to think about such things, but silliness can definitely be involved in the attempt to calibrate colors from a distance.  Being the techno-not that I am, calibrating monitors and phone screens is beyond my ability, not to mention that I still believe each one will look different no matter what you do.  Quirky solution number 1 is to pick a household paint brand and collect all the free samples of red or purple or pink at the paint counter of the local Wal-Mart.  Then, if needed, the person requesting the painting can do the same where they live, and we can "talk" about the same color numbers or names.  From that point, I could find the best matches in art acrylics.  That seems okay on my end, but it seems a little much for me to give "homework" to a customer. I'm not much of a shopper myself, so adding yet another errand to daily life seems a bit rude on my part...although I know customers appreciate me checking this before painting.

What else can you do besides compare same brand paint samples?  Hee hee, start keeping soda cans handy for photographs!  Dr. Pepper had to stand in for a bright red Coke can since my family likes Pepsi better (may I take this opportunity to say YUCK, PEPSI!).  I'm guessing someone could always make a John Deere green/yellow request, but I'm not sure how the neighbor down the road would feel about me walking up to his tractors on display and comparing green paint bottles. For orange, I suppose there's always the Tropicana or Kraft Mac 'n Cheese options, right?  Any other ideas? What would you use to make sure you're on the same page colorwise?

That's it for me today. Hope you have a colorful day!

P.S. My patience for writing ran out before I could begin talking much about pinks and purples!  Thanks to Elaine for giving me a tip about paint colors... afterwards, I ran into an explanation of why mixing paints can result in a muddier color than you expect.  Interesting and useful stuff!  Short story is that fewer pigments to make a color equals clearer/truer color...and that leads to a beginning of understanding why those more expensive paints look prettier on the canvas.  Wow!  Lots and lots of iceberg left under this tiny tip!

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