Monday, July 2, 2012

Journey Dragon

The longest journey still begins with a single step. Sometimes, I wonder why blinders for humans haven't ever been a fad.  Think about all the things we could have done by now if we hadn't been overwhelmed by visions of the entire journey!  Okay, by "we" and "could have done by now," I probably mean "I" and "the kitchen floor would already be cleaned this morning if the cans for recycling and the other various little piles of stuff weren't also staring at me when I look toward the kitchen and dining room."  Ha ha. You laugh.  I laugh. It's true, though.  Looking too far down the road keeps me from just starting to put one foot in front of another.  Procrastination, it's nothing new to me. It's not everyone's cup of tea, though. In fact, the world could probably be evenly divided along the justdoit/thinkingaboutit line.  That's okay.    Both sides of that line have their good points...I'm just trying to work on blurring that line occasionally, in my own small way, to my own benefit if possible. 
One of the benefits of the procrastination side is the development of the very same mind muscles necessary for patience.  Really.  Think about it. Okay, or don't. I'm clinging to that shred, myself :)
How to tie this train of thought back to the picture?  Oh, easy-peasy.  This is a canvas I started painting last week. I began by mixing some acrylic paint with water to thin it, and then I poured a puddle of paint onto the canvas and tilted it to spread the paint.  I bulldozed it with a palette knife, too, because patience is one thing, molasses quite another.  It just didn't spread the way I expected, but it was cool. Then I mixed a different combination of blues, thinned it, and poured it closer to the edges. Along the way, the vision for this painting switched from an ocean tranquility theme to a picture of an oriental dragon wrapped around the shou symbol (Chinese symbol for longevity).  The problem with this vision is... not a problem, actually. It's a lesson.  To even approach the end result is going to require patience...but if I let that looooooooong path to the end overwhelm me, then I won't be able to put one foot in front of the other and begin the journey.  The acrylic wash had to dry before I could add more to it.  Then I had to plan the placement of the dragon, even though only the back half of the dragon can be painted now.  The other half has to wait until all the layers are built up and the shou symbol completely decorated because I want the dragon to appear as if it is draping itself around the shou.  I can tell you, I balked at knifing the most recent layer of gel onto the canvas last night, precisely because I knew it would have to dry for hours before I could do anything else on the canvas.  But, but, but...what if inspiration struck (and the kids went to sleep early, and the dishes washed themselves, and the almost full moon didn't call me outside), and I wanted to paint late last night?? 
Hee hee, you see how it is, right?  Good thing is the gel was dry this morning, and that makes it ready for the next step when I am ready :)

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