Friday, September 21, 2012

Poop Happens

My defining moment this week:  poop happens.
Seriously, the kids' midterm grades were wonderful (go, James and Kate!), there's a new marriage in the family (congratulations, Steve and Jennifer!), the little kids at work are starting to follow the routine (and the big kids make recess duty outdoors a fun hour!), the hubby turned __ on his birthday (Happy Birthday!), and my defining moment involves poop.  Good grief.  What a warped brain I have.
So, we're sitting in Chuck E. Cheese's, celebrating the all A's and the A's & B's on the midterm grades, and Rick and I both notice a little kid standing close to our table by himself.  He appears to be staring intently at a video game being played by some older kids.  He looks to be about 3 years old, so it doesn't seem unusual that he'd be fascinated and satisfied to simply watch a game being played. 
Boy, that kid sure had an intent look on his face.
Very intent.
And, then, all of a sudden, with a casual shake of the leg and unloading of the pants, he was gone, game obviously forgotten.  Yep.  He pooped in his baggy jeans, the ones that obviously were not concealing a diaper or big boy underwear, shook the turds down his leg, and walked away.
Tell me he hadn't done that before... he was too nonchalant. Now, I still don't know what the message is in this story, but my brain keeps telling me there has to be one.  When I figure it out, I'll let you know.
Yeah.  Shook that leg just like he knew exactly how to get rid of his smelly little problem, and walked away. 


Deb said...

Oh come on Ang - that message is just screaming out at ya!
"S!#t Happens!"

congrats on all the A's, B's B'days & so on tho':)

angelinabeadalina said...

lol, no kidding! It was funny and weird, all at the same time :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yuck - yuck yuck. I think I spent too many years with children who were getting therapy...I know this should be funny and I can't even crack a smile. Crap!

angelinabeadalina said...

I know, Sharon. I alternated between laughing because what else can you do but laugh at something that bizarre and thinking about that kid's face. He obviously wasn't neglected. His clothes were relatively new and clean,he didn't look underfed, and someone brought him to a restaurant for kids (one where parent and child have their arms stamped with matching numbers that are checked before they can leave). It was just weird. Was he in the throes of a potty-training rebellion (and had already messed his underwear)? Did he dress himself and not like underwear?